Kristin Rossum

Kristin Rossum - is she guilty of murdering her husband, did he commit suicide or was Kristin's lover desparate enough to take action to preserve his job at the coroner's office and his right to live in the United States? Kristin had told him about Greg's threat to publicly expose their relationship. Greg was not beyond using threats to keep Kristin from crossing over to the dark side. Did Kristin believe he would follow through on that threat? Why did her attorneys allow the picture of her, taken by the police a couple of months after Greg's death, to be introduced at the trial? It made her look like a crack whore. It was very prejudicial. It was certainly not probative of her looks or state of mind at the time of Greg's death. And it had nothing to do with her arrest many months later for the murder of her husband. That picture was the result of her meth addiction and running away from Greg's death. Did anyone point out that after her "experiment" with crystal meth, which changed her life, that while on crystal meth she would run away when faced with a serious problem or overwhelming stress? Kristin was taking meth at the time of Greg's death. Greg met Kristin when she was taking meth and trying to escape an embarrassing time in her life. That's how and why they met. Why did the prosecuting attorney complement the defense attorneys for being so agreeable and understanding and accomodating?

Lincoln Pickard
Pickard Publishing
Learn from Kristin: When you experiment with meth you are gambling with your life.
How and why did Greg die?
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